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The An Rothar Nua consortium has been awarded the contract for the provision of public bike schemes in the cities of Cork, Galway and Limerick by the National Transport Authority, with the capital funding of the schemes being provided by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sports. The public bike schemes, to be know as Coke Zero Bikes, will be launched to the public this Autumn. An Rothar Nua has been charged with the operation of all regional bike schemes in the Republic of Ireland. Currently we operate Three bike schemes in the cities of Cork, Limerick and Galway. Operating a total fleet of 740 bikes through 73 Stations we adhere to the highest industry standards. Check out Bikeshare.ie for more information.


  • 320 bikes
  • 31 bike stations and 635 bike stands


  • 205 bikes
  • 19 bike stations and 395 bike stands


  • 215 bikes
  • 23 bike stations and 445 bike stands

We offer a complete one stop shop service for municipal authorities to develop and implement a bike share scheme. These services include:

  • Civil Work Planning, implementation, project managing
  • Day-to-day operations. This covers all station re-balancing and maintenance and customer care.
  • Full Customer and back office operations interface software includes;
    • Billing
    • Customer card fulfillment
    • Customer service
    • Asset Management
    • Data Analysis
    • Fleet Control

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